Thank you so much to all of our clients for your support over the years,

unfortunately we are now closed.


Professional Alterations, Tailoring & Custom Clothing

The Whole Nine Yards (TWNY) is a professional alteration, tailoring and custom clothing store. Our seamstresses have proudly been serving Thunder Bay and the the surrounding area since 2005; thats just over a decade and a half of dedicated work. Rich in a long period of custom design and sewing experience, our team of seamstresses are the best in the area and have been able to offer our clientele an array of personalized products and services.

Services We Offer

Repairs & Alterations

Wether you need to have your favourite pair of pants repaired or need a new pair hemmed we can help. Making sure that you have clothes that fit well, fall easily and smoothly over your body with room to move will boost your confidence. We are able to work on a wide variety of materials ranging from silks to leather with everything in between. 

  • Hemming
  • Lengthening
  • Tapering
  • Raising shoulders
  • Re-shaping
  • Zippers replacement
  • Adding buttons/snaps


Industrial Clothing & Products

We are concerned about your safety! We can supply your company with industrial safety garments for:

  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Vests
  • Coveralls
  • Shirts

We do repair and alterations on all industrial work clothing.  We can also make industrial supply bags to suit any purpose. We deal in ballistic nylon and Nomex fabrics as well as reflective. We are able to do drop shipments to mills and mines in batches to service a large quantity repairs at a time. Laundering & embroidery service can be done as well on contract.

Custom Design & Dressmaking

Have you ever been frustrated searching for the perfect outfit but couldn’t find it? Now you found us! We can design and customize dresses and special outfits for any occasion. Bring us your vision and let us create the design of your dreams!

We can work from:

  • Pictures 
  • Sketchs
  • Patterns
  • Pre-existing Clothing

Theatre Wardrobe & Costumes

Are you a performer? Do you need a new mascot? Or maybe you have  a character at you really want to dress as, look no further that us! We create amazing custom pieces for our clients.   Take a look at some of our work!

  • Dance / Skating costumes
  • Corsets 
  • Mascot Outfits
  • Props