Frequently Asked Questions
How much do your masks cost?

Our regular masks are $10 each and our Fancy Masks are $15 each.

What are your masks made out of? 

Our masks are mad of 2 outer pieces of high quality cotton, a polypropylene filter centre,  a nose wire, sewn in expandable pleats and soft elastics that can go either around the ear or head. 

How many layers does your mask have? 

Our masks have been made with three layers (2 cotton & 1 polypropylene filter) since the beginning. 

What sizes do your masks come in? 

Our masks come in 5 different sizes: 

Adult Large: 8”x3” (finished size) with 8” elastic
Adult Medium: 8”x3” (finished size) with 7” elastic
Youth / Adult Small: 7”x2” (finished size) with 7” elastic
Child: 7”x2” (finished size) with 6” elastic
Toddler: 6”x2” (finished size) with 6” elastic


Are there other options than just elastics behind the ears? 

Yes, we also have masks that have elastic that goes around the head or you can have them made with ties.