3-Ply Face Masks

Our New Normal 

Let’s face it, the pandemic is becoming old news. Face masks and days are blurring together just like the endless search for toilet paper. Let us keep you cheery with our bright and colourful patterns! Want to blend in? No worries, we have darker colours available too!  


Washable, reusable & reversible! Let’s help keep our planet green!



Adult Masks 


Adult Large (7″ elastics)

Adult Medium (6″ elastics)

Youth & Small Adult


Youth/ Adult Small (6″ elastics)

Child Masks


Child (5″ elastics)



Toddler (5″ elastics)

Email val@twny.ca to place your order today!

Need It Now?


For those in a hurry for masks we have U-Sew packages, only $32+tax and can be ordered in large quantities!


U-Sew Kit Includes:

  • 5 patterned cotton pieces (front)

  • 5 solid cotton pieces (back)

  •  5 polypropylene filters 

  • 5 nose wires

  • 10 elastics OR ties

  • Instructions 

Sizes Available: 

  • Adult Large (8 inch elastics)

  • Adult Medium (7 inch elastics)

  • Adult Small / Youth (7 inch elastics)

  • Child (6 inch elastics)

  • Toddler (6 inch elastics)