Face Masks

Are you ready to go back to work?

Thanks to our amazing team, we have been able to bump up our production,

therefore our timelines are going  down!!

Pre-made $10 – 1st week of June

All of our masks are made with 2 layers of cotton, 1filter layer,  nose wire and ear elastic 

(ties available upon request).

Washable, reusable & reversible! Let’s help keep our planet green!



Adult Masks 


Adult Large (8 inch elastics)

Adult Medium (7 inch elastics)

Youth & Small Adult


Youth/ Adult Small (7 inch elastics)

Child Masks


Child (6 inch elastics)



Toddler (6 inch elastics)

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Place an Order

Email val@twny.ca to place your order today!

Don’t Want to Wait??

For those in a hurry for masks, we have U-Sew packages.  

Our U-Sew kit is only $32 and can be ordered in large quantities! 


     Each kit contains:

  • 5 patterned fabrics (front)

  • 5 solid fabrics (back)

  •  5 filters for adult masks

  • 10 wires

  • 10 elastics or ties

  •  & instructions 

      Sizes available: 

  • Adult Large (8 inch elastics)

  • Adult Medium (7 inch elastics)

  • Adult Small / Youth (7 inch elastics)

  • Child (6 inch elastics)

  • Toddler (6 inch elastics)